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"Our dog Harley has been with FHDW for about 4 years now, and every day he sits at the front door just waiting to be picked up. It is without question his favourite thing and it's remarkable how he knows exactly when his friends are showing up for the park!  Andrew and his team are highly professional and we are extremely grateful for their unparalleled service. They always go above and beyond for us. Harley loves you!"
- Maryanne Colins


"Finding someone you trust to handle the care of your dog can be an incredibly challenging task. You have to feel secure that they will look after your pet as well as, or better than, you could. All I can say is that we have never looked back since Taia’s first walk with Andrew. I daresay she loves him more than us and has become a calmer and happier dog from the interaction she has had with him and the other pups at FHDW. Also, Andrew never brings on any staff that he wouldn’t personally feel comfortable trusting with his own dog. We have been with Andrew and Forest Hill Dog Walkers for about 4 years and hope to remain a client of his as long as we will continue to have dogs (which is forever)."
- Dan & Jeanette Maev


"Simply put, these guys have it right. Professional service, friendly young and professional staff. Andrew and his team are competent, reliable and extremely flexible with my scheduling. I could not recommend them any higher."
- Adam and Alex Nathanson


"Forest Hill Dog walkers are the best dog walkers one could wish for. Floyd has been walking with them now for about 2 years and waits for them at the door and happily trots off with them:) He truly enjoys his time with them and his little fur friends. They provide a good reliable, trustworthy and flexible service. U could not leave your dog in better hands!"

- Brad, Tara and Floyd


"I cannot say enough good things about Andrew and his team. My Charlie is family and I never ever worry about him when he is in their care. They always go above and beyond and have the best interest of my boy at heart. They are professional, trustworthy and flexible. I have a happy dog.  Many thanks Forest Hill Dog Walkers."
- Karen Robbins


"From the very beginning, Andrew has always been there to help us with Brody. He is reliable, trustworthy and has a way with dogs that makes you feel comfortable using his services and leaving your dog in his hands. Andrew and his staff go above and beyond for us and I would highly recommend his company to anyone looking for a top-notch dog walker who takes pride in what he does."
- Corey Koffler


“I could not be more impressed with Forest Hill Dog Walkers. Andrew and his team are exceptionally competent and compassionate when it comes to carrying for my fur baby. They are organized, friendly and mainly allow me to live my busy life while knowing my dog is getting the best care in Toronto. Thanks FHDW for your incredible services, Nala and I both appreciate it more than you know.”
- Nora Debora


“I contacted Andy at Forest Hill Dog Walkers over 3 and a half years ago when our beautiful golden retriever Sandy became a part of our family. She was only 10 months old at the time and had no training with regards to walking on a leash or being socialized with other dogs.  Andy came to our rescue and we have never looked back. Sandy took to him immediately and he spent many sessions working with myself, my husband and Sandy. She began going off leash with Andy and his team and has grown into an obedient, happy, loving and sociable girl. She goes crazy with excitement every time they come to pick her up and she always comes back exhausted from having such a great time with the other dogs.  Andy has an wonderful passion for dogs, and it reflects with all the care and love he gives.  I never have to worry and  I always know that she will be well taken care of. I highly recommend “Forest Hill Dog Walkers” and wouldn't trust our  precious girl to anyone else.”

- Donna McLauren



"Our experience with Forest Hill Dog Walkers & Pet Services over the past 5 years has been fantastic. Our dog Willa looks forward to every walk, and comes home exhausted and happy. Andy and his team are very accommodating, especially with any last minute dog walking requests. All of the staff love and care for the dogs, which makes us as Willa’s family feel very comforted. As an added bonus, the staff post photos of the dogs on their Instagram page, so you can see what your dog is up to during the day. Overall, we are very happy clients."
- The Barnicke Family



"We knew that when getting a dog, we would need a strong support system. Choosing Forest Hill Dog Walkers way simple as we first fell in love with Andy's passion, energy and love for dogs. Our dog, Kona, goes out every single day with her dog friends and could not be happier. As soon as the door opens, she runs to the front door to shower the Forest Hill Dog Walker's staff with kisses. Forest Hill Dog Walkers is much more than a dog walking service, they are our family. They are reliable, trustworthy, and flexible. We can always feel relaxed knowing that Kona is in the best care possible."
- Carly & Ari Diamond


"Andrew and his team are exactly what I was looking for in a dog walking service. They are polite, professional and take care of  all of our needs. They've taken her grooming, delivered dog food for us, taken her to the vet when she needed her shots and a lot more. Andrew and his team are like family to us. I honestly don't know what we'd do without them. Her favourite time is when she is with her friends from FHDW and I know she is in the right hands. From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for everything!"
-Patsy Dinelle


"My dog Winston has been going out with Forest Hill Dog Walkers (FHDW) for the past year. Winston loves these outings and is eager to go with them when they arrive at our door.  I feel secure in knowing that he is safe while exercising and playing with the other dogs under FHDW’s watchful eye.  I have found FHDW prompt, professional and very reliable.  It is clear to me that they genuinely care for their clients and I highly recommend their services."
- Marsha Glicksman 


"I never had a dog-walker with any of my previous dogs, or thought we would need one for our current Border Collie Sherlock.. until I had a baby. I was on Google looking up ‘Forest Hill dog walkers,’ and thankfully Andrew Wood’s company was the first to pop-up. Right from the start, he was professional, charming, courteous, kind and most importantly, an obvious dog lover himself. Sherlock now ventures out with Andrew and his pack at least 5-6 times a week, and it’s part of his (and our) daily routine. Andrew and his staff have also helped us when we needed to get Sherlock groomed, pick up dog food, take him to the vet, or just to stop in and feed him/let him out if necessary. In addition, he is extremely well-versed & connected in the canine scene and has provided us with a wonderful kennel & dog food brand that we wouldn’t have known otherwise. I recommend him to absolutely everyone I know."

- Ashleigh De Gasperis



"Andrew and his team at Forest Hill Dog Walkers are much more than their company name implies. Besides the fact that our dog loves them (more than he loves us, I suspect), they have welcomed our training and behaviour related questions and are always very quick to respond to any communications and provide guidance.
- Dov Beck & Missy Goldstein


"From private puppy walks to group walks, our dog Rex has been through it all with Andy Wood and Forrest Hill Dog Walkers. Andy and his team have been instrumental in our dog's life, and a necessity for a pair of dog parents who work 5 days a week. Not only do we trust them 100% with the safety of our dog, but we are confident that Rex is having a great time with the other dogs and getting the daily exercise he needs. Andy always goes the extra mile to ensure that his clients are happy. He has personally made himself available 24/7 and always goes above and beyond when we need him in a pinch. Whether it's for an extra weekly walk, or a late night weekend walk, he is always willing to help without hesitation. Andy's genuine love for dogs coupled with his fun loving personality, gives us confidence that Rex is in extremely goods hands. We highly recommend Forrest Hill Dog Walkers & Pet Services. 
- Marc & Lani Weisinger


"Andy and the entire FHDW team have been crucial in our dog's development and growth. From individual puppy walks ensuring our dog was learning how to properly behave on-leash to group walks where our dog developed her interpersonal skills and how to play with other dogs alike, the Forest Hill team ensures a safe and well observed environment for our dog to gain the vital exercise she needs. More importantly, Andy is personally invested in the development of each dog's owner as well. As first time dog owners, Andy made sure to listen to all of our questions and offer quality solutions to our concerns and provide strategies to implement with our puppy when we truly knew nothing. Andy and his team have become like family and the sheer joy our dog demonstrates when it is time for her pick up to go walking proves the affection and dedication the Forest Hill team has to their clients and owners alike.
- Sean & Samantha Valentine


Chauncie is a large Flat-Coated Retriever that my son, Ryan, brought home as a puppy in 2004. He was an adorable little puppy and we all fell in love with him, including his friend Andrew. He and Ryan soon thereafter decided that they would share Chauncie together. That was the beginning of Andrew's passion for dogs - it was as if he had found his calling. My son eventually got a job working with a musician and began touring, leaving Chauncie solely in Andrew’s hands. As time went on, I started to miss Chauncie and eventually he found his way back into my life. I found the responsibility of living alone and caring for a pet to be a concern, but I had Andrew to help out everyday. Andrew and the FHDW team have walked Chauncie everyday since. When I go away for a few days or even a few of weeks I can rest easy, knowing that my dog is in loving hands at his second home. He treats all the dogs in his care with the same love and compassion he treats Chauncie and your dogs could not be in better hands!
- Hal Silverstein